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Personal Safety Workshops & Seminars

Want a basic foundation for safe encounters? Great! Aikido of Nebraska wants to help.

Learning some basic awareness, strategies, and techniques for aggressive or dangerous encounters can, literally, make the difference.

Sensei Roberts

•Have the awareness to identify potential assailants long before they get close to you.
•Have the confidence and self-esteem to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Aikido of Nebraska for provides a variety of personal safety workshops for any group of 10 or more! - groups, churches, corporations, athletic teams, organization, clubs, or schools. Workshops are 1 hour in length, and are FREE of charge when performed at the school. Workshops can be specifically tailored to your needs such as:

•Self Defense for Women
•Campus Safety
•Workplace Safety
•Child Safety
•Character Talks for Kids

Want something more in-depth? Off-site and multi-session seminars can be arranged by appointment. Session can range from 1-8 sessions depending on the needs of the organization.

Todd Alan Roberts M.D. sees firsthand the violence done to people. Dr. Roberts is a practicing Emergency Room physician at BryanLGH Medical Centers. Dr. Roberts also previously served as an adjunct professor of Personal Safety/self-defense at the BryanLGH College of Health Sciences. He is the Chief Instructor at Aikido of Nebraska, teaching non-violent martial arts to adults, children, and teens.


Q: A FREE workshop? What’s the catch?

A: No catch. The students at Aikido of Nebraska practice service to the community as part of their curriculum. No hidden agenda or high-power sales speeches at the end of the workshop.

Q: Where are the workshops held?

A: at Aikido of Nebraska Martial Arts school, corner of 33rd & Pioneers

Q: What times are available for workshops?

A: Workshops are typically scheduled on either Saturday afternoons at 1:00pm or 2:30 PM, or Monday nights at 7:00pm. Other times can be arranged by special appointment.

Q: Can you come out to our place instead of going to your school?

A: Sure. Off-site workshops can be scheduled by special arrangement for a small fee. Call the school at 402.261.6655

Q: Can you do multi-session workshops?

A: Yes workshops can be constructed from 2-8 sessions for a small fee. Call Aikido of Nebraska for more details 402.261.6655

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